Basque Burnt Cheesecake

Basque Burnt Cheesecake

Recipe by Nana PastriesCourse: DessertDifficulty: Easy
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Creamy cheesecake perfect for the holidays.


  • Basque Burnt Cheesecake
  • 453g cream cheese (room temperature)

  • ¾ cup sugar

  • 3 large eggs (room temperature)

  • ½ tsp. salt

  • ½ tsp. vanilla extract

  • 1 tsp lemon juice

  • 1 cup heavy cream

  • 1 ½ tbsp all-purpose Flour + ½ tbsp Cornstarch

  • Decoration (optional)
  • ¼ cup heavy cream + 1 tbsp sugar (whipped cream)

  • Orange zest and dehydrated oranges


  • Basque Burnt Cheesecake
  • Preheat the oven to 400F/204C.
  • Line a 5.5’’ diameter pan with two overlapping sheets of parchment/wax paper.
  • Cream the cream cheese and sugar in a bowl with a hand mixer or stand mixer on medium-low speed, until smooth.
  • Add one egg at a time, mixing until fully incorporated.
  • Mix in the salt, vanilla extract and lemon juice.
  • In another bowl mix the heavy cream and flour mixture together and pour it into the cream cheese mixture, beating until smooth.
  • Pour batter into the prepared pan.
  • Bake cheesecake for 60-65 minutes or until golden brown on top and still jiggly in the center.
  • Let it cool and then unmold and serve.
  • Decoration (optional)
  • Decorate with whipped cream, dehydrated oranges and orange zest like in the reel.

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